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Why We Think Kristen Bell Might Just Be the Best Mom Ever

Why We Think Kristen Bell Might Just Be the Best Mom Ever

Kristen Bell is America’s sweetheart. She won us over as Veronica Mars, serenaded us as Anna in Frozen, and recently made us question everything about our existence in The Good Place. But beyond her incredible filmography, Kristen Bell and Dax Sheppard have solidified their place in the zeitgeist as celebrity parents. The uber-famous couple shares two daughters, Lincoln and Delta, and they are not shy about sharing parenting tips, failures, and the fact that their daughters mean more to them than anything. Below are four reasons we think that Kristen Bell might just be the best mom ever. Get your notepads ready. 

  1. She makes it a point to apologize in front of her children. Early on, Kristen and Dax realized that parents often fight in front of their children, but make-up behind closed doors. To combat this toxic pattern, Kristen makes it a point to publicly apologize and make up with her husband in front of her daughters, thus demonstrating what conflict should look like in a healthy relationship.
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  2. She laughs at breastfeeding shamers. Kristen is firm in her belief that if someone has a problem with public breastfeeding, that it is their issue not hers. The only thing she is focused on is whether or not her child is hungry. 
  3. She lets Dax take mental breaks, and she takes them herself. She calls this her “tap-out” style of parenting. By prioritizing the mental health of the two adults in the room, Kristen is ensuring that the two little ones get great care. No parent can be on all of the time, so swapping breaks with your partner is a great way to give your children the best of what you’ve got.
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  4. She lets her daughters get into their feelings. Instead of glossing over difficult emotions like embarrassment and guilt, Kristen sits down with her daughters and talks to them about it. She has pretty much removed “it’s ok, it’s ok” from her vocabulary, and her children are more emotionally in-tune as a result.
So hey, the next time you are stuck in a parenting conundrum, try checking with Kristen Bell. She might just have the answer.