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Three Things Pregnant Women Love, and Three Things They Hate
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Three Things Pregnant Women Love, and Three Things They Hate

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Being pregnant is an incredible and frightening experience that most women will only go through a few times in their life. It is a time of intense physical and emotional change, and at the end a little baby changes their family structure forever. If you are close with any women who are pregnant or are likely to become pregnant, it is important to remain sensitive to their needs, and awareness is the first step. 

Below are three things that pregnant women love, followed by three things that they hate (generally speaking, of course).
teething necklace - pregnant woman relaxing
Three things pregnant women love:

Getting off of their feet. Pregnancy is physically taxing. If there is something you can do for your pregnant loved one, like run an errand or do a chore, they will be eternally grateful. 

Hearing that their hair and skin look great. The physical changes that come along with pregnancy can lead to a lot of insecurity, but at the same time, pregnant bodies are flooded with vitamins and hormones that can leave their hair strong and their skin glowing. Remind a pregnant woman that she looks great. What woman doesn’t want to hear that?

Encouragement of their pregnancy and parenting choices. Everyone parents differently, and it is easy for new mothers to compare themselves to others. By gently encouraging their choices, you are helping to build up a well of confidence that they are going to need once the baby arrives. Keep those compliments flowing! 
teething necklace - angry pregnant woman

Three things pregnant women hate:


Touching. That baby bump still belongs to a person, so just...hands off, ok? 

Critical opinions. You may think that breastfeeding is absolutely the only way to go, but keep that opinion to yourself around pregnant women. You may not know her situation and the best way to avoid being offensive is to just stay quiet.

Horror Stories From Birth. Some women want to know what’s coming, but in general it is best to keep your stories about tearing and near-death experiences far away from a woman who is about to face the birthing table herself.
When it comes to communicating with pregnant women just remember the golden rule, and treat them the way you would want to be treated!