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Thanks for stopping by! I’m Andrea, the first half of Anjie + Ash. My son Asher is the inspiration for my stylish line of baby-friendly jewelry.

teething necklaces for mom that are also safe for baby 

No one could prepare me for what teething would be like. My son didn’t cut his first tooth until he was 10 months, so the teething struggle for us was real. He would put anything and everything in his mouth to find comfort. 

Anjie + Ash Teething Jewelry
After having a baby, the days of throwing on my favorite accessories were a thing of the past. With him tugging and mouthing on everything within reach, most of my necklaces were now a hazard. 

With all the drastic changes motherhood brings, I knew there had to be a way to hold onto the little things that made me feel like myself.

   I loved the idea of a necklace he would chew on for comfort while in my arms, but noticed everything out there looked more like a toy and less like a stylish piece of jewelry that I would be excited to wear.

I also noticed the current “safety break away clasps” on the market didn’t actually break away at all. This left me concerned that this necklace with these small beads could break if pulled too hard. And forget about the yanking on my neck! I knew there had to be a better way. So after months of design revisions, research and testing, I created my patent-pending clasp that releases when your child’s tug becomes a bit too strong.

   Designed using non-toxic silicone, beech wood and stainless steel, I've created fashionable jewelry that any mama would be proud to wear, even for those non-mama moments.
xoxo, Anjie
   You can learn more about Andrea here.

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Teething necklace for mom