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teething necklaces for mom that are also safe for baby 

Motherhood doesn't come with a manual.
Everyday is a new test and teething was just that.

My infant son, Asher (Ash), chewed on anything he could find to soothe his sore gums. I began to seek out non-toxic teething jewelry options but everything looked more like a toy and less like a stylish piece of jewelry I’d be excited to wear.

After months of research on non-toxic materials I designed a line of stylish jewelry made of food-grade silicone, untreated beech wood and type 304 stainless steel. All necklaces feature our patented magnetic safety clasp engineered with the perfect amount of pull strength to keep your necklace secure until your little ones tugs become too strong. #safetyfirst

Once Asher transitioned from an infant to an on-the-go toddler I began to face a new challenge. Finding a compact bag that could (1) hold my and my children's essentials for trips to the playground (2) while providing easy access to drinks and my phone (for photos of course!) (3) and was stylish, lightweight and allowed me to keep my handsfree. A simple, unisex style was also a priority as there isn’t much out there for dads.

When I wore my first sample to the playground, I got stopped multiple times by moms inquiring where I got my bag - I knew I had a hit on my hands.
Then baby #2 came along and I instantly fell in love with our Crossbody Parent Bag (and her) even more. It can hold multple diapers + wipes making it a great diaper bag as well!

I’m proud to create fashionable products for Mom + Dad that can even be worn during those non-parenting moments.
We’re proud to donate 5% of all Anjie + Ash purchases to charities that help parents and children in need.
XO, Anjie (Andrea)
(learn more about Andrea here)