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taking turns: 3 ideas for teaching this skill

taking turns: 3 ideas for teaching this skill

With every child there comes growing pains. Toddlers are limited on their communication skills and therefore parents can opt to spend some extra time teaching them these things. One of the biggest stages for toddlers is learning how to take turns with others.

Finding the time and patience to teach your child this important skill will give them a powerful tool for the rest of their lives. Here are a few games to consider playing with your toddler.
teething necklace mom playing peek a boo
teething necklace for mom, peek a boo with baby
From the earliest ages, peek-a-boo is a loved game for babies and toddlers. Before they can even communicate with words, they know how to use their hands to play this simple game. Once they have mastered some communication, you can have them go first and then ask them to wait while you go. This is an elementary example of how to encourage taking turns.
teething necklace for mom playing with blocks
Legos, wooden blocks, and even shapes games are more easy tools for turn taking. With legos, you can ask the child what they’d like to build and then take turns building the blocks up from the base. The wooden blocks are similar, and shapes games are always a good time for the little ones as well. These games are multi-faceted as they also cultivate creativity in your child’s playtime.
teething necklace for mom taking turns at playground
Playground teaching is a must for toddlers. Find a playground with a swing and make your child listen for a timer to end their turn. When their turn ends, move them on to another apparatus and show them that taking turns is kind to other children.
All of these are tried and true ways of educating your toddler in the ways of taking turns and avoiding those temper tantrums. Make it fun and positive and try to pick a time when your child is not too tired to listen.