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spotlight on mom: 5 questions - monica and her family of 6

spotlight on mom: 5 questions - monica and her family of 6


This week we're super excited to chat with Monica, CEO & Founder of Gugu Guru, a free platform we love that delivers highly personalized, expert product recommendations to parents and parents-to-be. 

First name: Monica

Age: 44

How many kids: I have four kids: 2 “bio babies” and 2 “bonus kids” (my stepdaughters)

Their ages: 24, 20, 8, 6

1) How has motherhood surprised you most?

It sounds so cliché but really how much you can love and because of that love - how much you would do anything for your family.   teething necklace for mom heart

2) What is a typical day like?

I get up in the morning anywhere between 4:30-5am so that I can have some coffee before the house is awake. As I drink my coffee, I catch up on emails and on the headlines. My kids are usually up around 7am.  If it’s a weekday, it’s getting them fed and ready for school. If it’s a weekend, it’s a round of snuggles and then a little breakfast and TV time. On weekdays, once I get my kids to school, I am working all day with the exception of 45 minutes that I carve out for myself.  I use the 45 minutes for exercise or meditation or both. I try to squeeze in as much work as humanly possible before my kids get home at 2:45. After that it’s mom mode, which typically involves going outside to play, after school stuff like music lessons, homework, making dinner and everything else. The end of the night routine starts around 6:30pm.

3) What is the biggest challenge?

Being spread too thin.  I often feel like I cannot be everything to everyone.  On top of that, even though I’ve read all the studies that say working moms are setting good examples for their children – especially for their daughters – I still suffer from the guilt of starting a venture like Gugu Guru when my kids are so young.

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4) What is the biggest joy?

When I see my kids acting kindly to others and demonstrating empathy. That is the thing that makes my heart swell with joy. Another joy is when my children achieve something that they’ve worked hard for – be it a soccer goal or an academic achievement.

5) What is the best piece of Mom advice you've been given or would give? teething necklace for mom heart 2

Honestly, that everyone has their own sh*t so don’t compare yourself to or judge other moms.  Motherhood is a struggle, regardless if you’re a work at home mom, stay at home mom or work away from home mom.  I used to compare myself to the Instagram moms but the truth is that being an influencer is a job and many, if not most, are painting a picture that’s not reality.  When the cameras are off, know that their kids are having a tantrum in Target too.teething necklace for mom heart 2

Bonus Question:
You can only get a babysitter one more time, for one evening, for the next 5 years. What do you go do?

Go to the city with my husband, get an awesome dinner, go see a Broadway show (most likely a musical comedy) and then spend the night at a hotel and use up my husband’s loyalty points on room service.  

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More about Gugu Guru:
is a free platform that delivers highly personalized, expert product recommendations to parents and parents-to-be. Gugu Guru’s insider knowledge of buzzworthy brands, emerging products, safety and more fuses perfectly with its innovative discovery platform to create unparalleled services for expectant and new parents. The personal shopping experience provides unbiased product recommendations that are tailored to unique lifestyle needs, budgets and more - all identified by a detailed ‘quiz’. Learn more at www.guguguru.com

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