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how to spend more quality time with each child
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how to spend more quality time with each child

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Finding time in your busy life can be quite a challenge but well worth it when it comes to one-on-one time with your kids. Little ones need to see that they are your priority and this, in turn, helps them prioritize their relationships with family. Whether you have one or multiple children, take the time with each one and have some fun.

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When the kids are still little, a date with them can simply be a few hours playing in their favorite park or playground. Afterwards, a little ice cream or smoothie might sweeten the date.

As they get older, a movie matinee is always a hit. Give them some choices and let them pick the movie then hit the early showing and perhaps grab lunch afterward.

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The teens always enjoy a nice long shopping trip either for new clothes or sports and hobby paraphernalia. Tune into their interests and surprise them with a trip revolved around it. Hiking or walking in nature is another great way to bond with your kids, no matter the age.

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Even adult children that are moved out need a good coffee break with parents on occasion. Find the time to listen or give advice when wanted. There is no time like the present to show your kids you have the time for them.
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