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how to get crafty with your kids for halloween

how to get crafty with your kids for halloween

Get the kids involved in getting your house Halloween-ready. From napkin wrapped Dum-Dum pops to popsicle stick spider webs, the kids will have a blast crafting up some treats and decorating the house. Pinterest has a plethora of ideas for kids of all ages.

Keep your little ones busy on a budget with a few yarn craft ideas. First try a spider web made out of three popsicle sticks glued together and yarn wrapped around them in a circular fashion.

Halloween crafts for teething necklace
Source: Pinterest
Keep their little hands even busier with wrapping yarn around a foam gingerbread man cutout to create a mummy.

If your littles don't mind getting their hands dirty, blow up a balloon and pour glue onto a plate, pull orange yarn through the glue and wrap it around the balloon. Once the glue is dried, pop the balloon and voila! you have a pumpkin that they made. Add a brown pipe cleaner to the top for the stem and green twirly pipe cleaners as the vine for a finished look.

Halloween Craft Pumpkin - teething necklaces
Source: Pinterest
For older kids try a little bit more difficult crafts. Give them some popsicle sticks and some paint and let them create a haunted halloween house with them, adding stickers of ghosts and pumpkins to bring it alive.

Halloween Haunted House crafts Teething Necklace
Source: Pinterest
If your kiddos like to bake, rice krispie treats are easy to cut out or shape to create spooky ghosts, cute pumpkins, tombstones, and bats.

Halloween Rice Krispie treats teething necklace
Source: Pinterest
A little more challenging is the mason jar scenes. Spray paint the inside of the a mason jar very lightly with a fun halloween color. Let the kids draw and design a spooky Halloween scene on the exterior of the jar with permanent markers (black shows up best). Then light them up with battery-operated tea lights and set them on your steps for a spooky Halloween staircase.

Halloween Mason Jar Teething Necklace Jewelry
Source: Pinterest
So if you're bored with carving pumpkins every year or if your kids are too little to appreciate the carving pumpkins process, try these Pinterest ideas and have fun decorating.