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four tubs we love for baby

four tubs we love for baby

Bathtime with babies can be both fun and challenging, especially during those early months. There are great solutions on the market today for all stages. Before your little one arrives, check these bathtime solutions out.
For birth to about 6 months, the latest product parents are raving about is the Puj Tub. This super soft and squishy sink insert, keeps those slippery, wobbley newborns snug in the sink for an easy bathtime routine. It fits in sinks with 6.5-9 inch depth and 12-15 inch width best. It's also great for compact spaces since it lays flat after each use. 
Put tub - teething jewelry
Kaias first bath in puj - teething jewelry
Even though Kaia had mix feelings about her first bath (lol), we still love the Puj tub!
Also for this age range, the Blooming Bath is a super cute solution for sink bathing. This plush, petalled platform, adjusts its petals to fit snuggly in any sink.
blooming tub - teething jewelry
If you want a tub that will grow with your baby from birth to toddler stage, then consider the Summer Infant Comfort Height Bath Tub. It has three parts: a platform, a basin, and an angled insert for newborns-6 months. This is especially great if you have a deep tub and had a c-section because it elevates the baby so you don't have to strain your stomach muscles. Once baby is big enough to sit up you can just take the insert out and eventually the platform as well.
summer infant tub - teething jewelry
Another similar long-lasting tub is the PRIMO EuroBath. This does not have the platform and the instert for the infant position does not come out but rather acts as support for the sitting stage infant. The only con is that these long-lasting tubs take up a lot of space. We had this for Asher when we were living in Brooklyn as our bathtubs were very large and deep and our sinks did not work with the sink tubs. We loved that as he got bigger we could just move him to the other part of the tub!
Primo Eurobath tub - Teething jewelry
In addition to these, Fisher Price, and Munchkin are other trusted brands for baby bathing tubs. Be sure to measure your spaces and compare sizes to find the one that will work best for you and baby.