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transitioning your baby to real food
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transitioning your baby to real food

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Transitioning your child to real food is a monumental and exciting milestone for both baby and parents. Their little bellies are ready to take on more complex foods to keep their bodies fueled and their brains growing. If you decide to make your own baby food at home, here are a few things to try.
Sweet potatoes are a good first food to try. They are highly recommended by pediatricians and they are easy to make. It's best to make organic since it won't break the bank with one sweet potato stretching quite far.
Baked sweet potato for baby food- teething necklace
So to start, just cut a sweet potato in half and wrap it in aluminum foil. Place on a cookie sheet in a 400-degree oven for 15-20 minutes or until very soft. Let cool for about ten minutes or until you can handle without burning your fingers. Then peel the skin off and pulse in the food processor until smooth.
Sweet potato baby food - teething necklace
Add a quarter to a half cup of filtered water to thin out the potatoes for the baby's first time. You want the consistency to be thin like applesauce. You can also pour the remaining pureed sweet potatoes into an ice tray and pull out (recommended 3 cubes) and thaw by placing the cubes in a heat safe bowl over a pot of hot water.
avocado baby food - teething necklace
Another first food recommended by pediatricians is avocados. Avocados are fatty and help babies gain weight at a healthy rate. Avocados are much easier to prepare. Just cut in half length-wise, pop out the seed, and scoop out the pulp from the skin. Then mash in a mortar and pestle until smooth or you can also put it in the food processor and add water to puree. Again, the avocado puree can also be put in ice trays and frozen for later use.
baby eating food - teething necklace
Applesauce is another popular first food. It has a great fiber and water content so it is gentle on their stomachs. This doesn't freeze as well but will keep in the fridge for a couple days. It is another thing you want to buy organic if you can.
baby applesauce - teething necklace
Enjoy this progressive stage with your baby as they grow and learn to love certain foods. And be sure to take pictures for their baby books!