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14 Amazon Essentials For New Moms

14 Amazon Essentials For New Moms


Ok, I’ll admit it. I’m addicted to Amazon Prime! I probably do 65% of my online shopping through Amazon because of the ease of making a purchase, the user reviews and the fast shipping. Throughout the past 18 months of my son’s life I’ve purchased many products that helped me get through the trials of new mommyhood. I’m sharing some of my favorite products here. What mama doesn’t love a product recommendation?? Enjoy! 

We received this silicone toothbrush as a gift from my brother when my son was 10 months. At first I thought, he only has two teeth, so maybe we don’t need this just yet. Little did I know that I would hand this to my child and he would immediately start chewing on it like crazy – it’s a great teething soother! After it vanished (as baby products tend to do) I purchased a new one on Amazon immediately.
banana teething toothbrush - Teething jewelry
If you have a snotty/congested baby and you tried using a store-bought bulb syringe, and had no luck, you should order the NoseFrida. Don’t worry! There are filters that prevent the snot from going through the tube and into your mouth. Tip: We took (stole?) the bulb syringe from the hospital and that one also works wonders!
NoseFrieda  - Teething jewelry
We received this as a gift from a family friend and started using it around 7 months (when we found it on a shelf in a box).  It makes a steady fan-like sound and you can control the intensity and volume. We crank it all the way up! It’s a great white noise machine for blocking out any unwanted sounds around the house/apartment/neighborhood. Yes, we received it as a gift. Yes, we broke it when we brought it to Thailand and plugged it into the wrong voltage outlet. Yes, I bought a new one on Amazon.
Sound Machine - Teething jewelry
We received this as a gift from my Aunt (are you starting to see a pattern here?).  This is a great toy for keeping your baby/toddler entertained in their car seat.  He loves pushing the buttons and listening to the music. This (mysteriously) vanished a couple months ago so I rushed to replace it before our trip to Thailand.
Scout remote toy - Teething jewelry
These handy wipes are great for wiping down the table and highchair after a messy meal.  I love that they are made with gentle, plant-based ingredients, making them safe for use on toys as well.
Babyganics wipes - Teething jewelry
Ah, the sippy cup struggle is real! We switched from bottles (and breastfeeding) to the Nuk Learner Cup when my son turned 1. We had introduced straws and sippy cups around 9 months but saw little to no interest (but continued to attempt using them). At 16 months, I decided to make a push towards straw cups and was recommended the ZoLi BOT weighted straw cups by a friend. I had also discovered B. Box Cups on Amazon, which is the same weighted straw concept. I ordered one of each. On that fateful day that I decided to pull the learner cup and move strictly to straw cups - the transition went surprisingly smooth! I gave him his morning milk in the B. Bot and voila! He drank the entire thing, no problem! He still thought he needed to tilt the bottle up to get the milk to pour towards the mouth. That’s the glorious thing about the weighted straw! When he does this motion the weight on the straw follows the liquid, so he can drink at any angle! Brilliant! I do prefer the B. Box over the ZoLi BOT as I noticed the ZoLi started to leak out of the sides over time.
B. Box - Teething jewelry
Disposable placements for eating out? Amazing! No more sanitizing restaurant tables and thrown plates on the floor. Stick this guy on the table in front of your little one and they are ready to eat!
Tidy Tyke Placemats - Teething jewelry
I’ll be honest – my son will occasionally drink out of these – but at the moment he loooves chewing on them to sooth his sore gums. Multi-purpose!
Silicone Straw - Teething jewelry
I got so tired of having to wash food-soiled bibs in the washer (would the food end up on the clothes?) that I thought there had to be a better solution. I found these awesome bibs on Amazon and never turned back. They wash clean super easy and dry fast too! They also catch (most of) the food he drops before it hits the floor. Whenever we eat out we get asked about the placemats and the bibs constantly!
Silicone Bibs - Teething jewelry
I truly didn’t believe I would ever need this many batteries. I truly didn’t believe I would allow a million battery operated toys into my home. I was truly wrong.
AA Batteries - Teething jewelry
A wise friend told me – do not buy a pressure mount gate for the bottom of your staircase. It will push on your newel posts (the columns that hold your railings up) and they will soon move out of place. So, I did lots of research and landed on this gate from Cardinal Gates. We love it because it’s easy for Mom and Dad to open and our toddler can’t figure out the push/pull action to open it. 
Note: this gate had a recall in Canada for not meeting Canadian law requirements. Another plus of buying from Amazon – they notified us of the recall! You can view it here:
We decided to hold onto the gate and were instructed to do this - Consumers who own the recalled white gate should contact Cardinal Gates for instructions on how to remove and discard the plastic endcaps safely.
cardinal stairway gate - Teething jewelry
Again, a friend recommended I invest in these. I didn’t take her advice early enough and woke one morning to gnaw marks and scraped off paint on our Babyletto crib! He tends to only gnaw on the side closest to the bedroom door so I have these two on rotation on the one side. I find I need to wash these fairly often so it's great having a clean one ready to go.
Side Rail Covers - Teething jewelry
This insert organizer is great for holding diapers and diaper changing supplies. We used this on our last overseas trip and it made staying organized so much easier! It comes in a variety of colors and is great for converting your favorite purse into a diaper bag.
Insert Organizer - Teething jewelry
I bought this last summer and left it at Mimi’s house for our many pool parties and barbecues. It stores easy and is super simple to pop into place when you need it!
Outdoor Highchair - Teething jewelry
What Amazon products helped you get through the first 18 months??
Shop anjie + ash teething jewelry on Amazon. Prime members receive free 2 day shipping!
Antoinette silicone teething necklace and teething jewelry anjie + ash