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4 Storage Tips for Moms On the Go
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4 Storage Tips for Moms On the Go

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It is undeniable. Kids come with a lot of crap. From diapers, to snacks, to changes of clothing (for baby and for mom)...just get ready to haul a lot of stuff around with you every time you go anywhere with your child. Here are some storage tips for the busy moms out there, which pretty much includes every mom on the planet.

  1. Keep some pre-packed outfits ready to go in storage cubes. Storage cubes are really popular among frequent travelers, but they are just as valuable to moms on the go. If you have got to get your little one up and running quickly, then some advanced prep can go a long way. Choose one night a week to pre-select your child’s outfits. When it is time to head out the door just grab a cube and toss it in the diaper bag and BOOM. You are ready to go.
  2. Always bring a roll of dog poop bags. These thin little plastic bags come in a roll that can be tucked nearly anywhere. They are easy to transport and will come in handy with dirty diapers, wet clothing, and other soiled items that you don’t want ruining the rest of your clean items. They are a lifesaver.
  3. Use your car as a giant diaper bag. Grab a few plastic totes for your trunk and keep spare clothes, extra diapers, toys, and blankets right in your car. If you have back-ups in your vehicle, you will be more than prepared when disaster strikes away from home.
  4. Invest in an Anjie + Ash diaper bag! Sometimes you have to run a quick errand and don’t want to haul a bunch of baby equipment with you. These small, stylish diaper bags can fit just one of every item you need, and even come with a dedicated beverage pocket to help you prevent spills.
Use these storage tips to stay prepared without getting overwhelmed. You’ve got this, mama!