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What the heck should I bring to a baby shower?

What the heck should I bring to a baby shower?

A baby shower is a party that a pregnant woman’s family, friends, or co-workers throw for her prior to her little one joining the family. They are a part of pregnancy tradition, but they can be confusing to anyone who has not entered the family planning stage of their own life yet (if they plan to at all). If you find yourself invited to a baby shower you may wind up thinking “What the heck do I bring to this thing?”. Well look no further. We have compiled some tips that will help to transform you into the best baby shower guest ever. 
 diaper cake - teething necklace
  • Bring something for the baby. Baby stuff is expensive, and the point of a baby shower is to equip the mother-to-be with everything she may need. You can gift her a toy, an outfit, or any baby related item she may find useful. When it is doubtful, grab a diaper cake like this one from Honest. Those are sure to get use!
  • Bring something for the mother. Pregnancy is difficult, and with everyone’s focus going to the bump, the mother behind it can sometimes feel left out or forgotten. Bringing a small creature-comfort gift for mama will make a touching impact. Grab her a candle, some bath salts, or some fuzzy socks to let her know that you see her and appreciate this important time in her life. 

    Anjie + Ash teething necklaces make a great gift as they are for both Mom AND baby!
body lotion - teething necklace
  • Bring a great attitude. Most baby showers include some fun and dorky games, like guessing the mother’s due-date or trying to balance various objects on the mother’s belly. Activities like these are only fun if the participants are enthusiastic, so come with your game face on and get ready to have a good time.
Do not be intimidated by baby showers. Come prepared and your loved one will be grateful to have you there celebrating with him or her.