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3 Things No One Expects About Motherhood
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3 Things No One Expects About Motherhood

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There is a massive industry surrounding the preparation for motherhood. Anyone who is expecting or has had children of their own has likely come across dozens if not hundreds of articles and books on pregnancy, infant care, and parenting tips. Expecting mothers are always warned about morning sickness, cravings, and the lack of sleep they are about to experience, but there are a few things that mothers are not told to expect and inevitably wind up learning on their own.
Here are three of those things:
  1. If you're going back to work, know it will be incredibly hard, even if you love your job. People are quick to praise and revere working moms, but even if you love what you do and think that it defines you as a person, those first few weeks away from your little one are going to be incredibly difficult. It is normal to be less productive than normal and to be near tears during your transition back into the working world. If and when this happens to you, do not panic. It is normal and eventually it will pass.  mom working - teething necklace
  2. You may still look pregnant for a while after you give birth. Don’t panic. It is normal for new moms to rock a bump for a while after their baby has safely made it into the world. Do not beat yourself up or do anything unhealthy to make your tummy flat again. Enjoy your first few days with the baby and worry about your own body a little later. grandparents with baby - teething necklace
  3. You will realize how much your parents love you, and you will develop a new appreciation for them. It is difficult for a person to comprehend just how much a parent loves their child until they have a child of their own. Don’t be surprised if holding your own child inspires you to call your parents because you will have just realized how intense and all-consuming their love for you must be.
Motherhood is an incredible experience. Stay open to the new things it presents!