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Kim and Kanye’s Playroom Vs. Reality
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Kim and Kanye’s Playroom Vs. Reality

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Recently, Kim & Kanye treated the Internet to an inside look at their immaculate playroom. For those of you who aren’t following Kardashian news, Kim & Kanye’s Hidden Hills home has regularly gone viral for its minimalist design that many people find off-putting. Their playroom is no exception. It features tiered shelves of evenly spaced toys, hidden drawers for legos, and dozens of instruments. 
This playroom, while beautifully designed, is simply NOT REALITY for most moms. Working moms, moms without a staff of hired help, and moms who simply prioritize quality time with their children over making their homes look Instagram-ready without a doubt look at that playroom and think yeah f*cking right. It is important for us to remember that the world of celebrity, while fun to look at and lust over, should not be used as a measure of comparison.

Here is a list of things that are 100% ok to have in your child’s playroom:

A mess. Children are messy. They play with wild abandon and it is perfectly acceptable to prioritize fun and learning over neatness.

Lack of organization. Sometimes the best way to clear the floor is to shove everything into a giant bin or under a bed. The Kardiashian-West Family may have a dedicated train-track drawer, but that does not mean that your playroom is subpar for not having one.

Limited space. That playroom is larger than most New York City apartments. Most people don’t have the space or resources to dedicate an entire room to their children’s toys. Dedicating a play space for your child or simply storing their items throughout your home is a completely valid way to parent.

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    Remember, you do not need a gigantic or well-organized space to be a good parent. When they are grown, your child will remember the time you spent with them above any trendy toy. Sit back, stop comparing, and simply enjoy the journey you and your child are on together. That’s the best way to parent.