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Popular Baby Girl Names in 2020

Popular Baby Girl Names in 2020


Love them or hate them, trends are a fact of life, and baby names are no exception. Every year, a few names surge in popularity. It can be difficult to decide on the right name for your bundle of joy, so if you and your partner are stuck, it can be helpful to turn to a list of popular names. Depending on your relationships to trends, you will either be inspired by the list or know what names you want to avoid. Either way, discovering what’s popular can only help in your baby-naming journey.

Below is a list of the ten popular baby girl names from this year:
  • Luna - This moon-inspired name is short and sweet. It is delicate to pronounce and inspires thoughts of a peaceful nighttime sky. It is an excellent choice for anyone looking to give their daughter a meaningful, yet easy-to-pronounce name.
  • Arya - Yes, this one was inspired by Game of Thrones and is great for parents looking to raise a strong, capable woman who just might wind up defeating the Night King. 
  • Billie - It’s not just a boy’s name anymore! Billie Eilish’s music has been inspiring to many, and her name has inspired many expectant parents to go with a slightly more masculine name for their little princess. 
  • Ari - Not into over-gendering your child? Then go with a non-binary name that can work on a baby girl or baby boy! Ari is a simple, gender neutral name that gives your child some freedom when it comes to establishing their own identity.
  • Emma - Simple, classic, and very popular over the past couple years. Emma is a fantastic choice for fans of Jane Austen and Friends alike!
  • Olivia - Another classic name that can be used in its entirety or broken up into adorable nicknames like Liv of Olive.
  • Isabella - Another gorgeous name that is ripe for nick-naming! Izzy and Bella are both fantastic versions of this gorgeous moniker. 
  • Harper - This slightly less traditional name is both phonetically pleasing, and could be chosen to pay homage to brilliant author Harper Lee.
  • Charlotte - If you would rather go with a classic, old-fashioned name that won’t lead to anyone comparing your child to a grandmother, then Charlotte is a fantastic choice.
  • Ava - Short, sweet, easy for a child to spell and yet classic for an adult to go by. Ava is a solid choice for any parents expecting a daughter.