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choosing a name for your child

choosing a name for your child

Naming your baby is something that is so personal and influential on a child as it grows into society. It can be greatly influenced by family, faith, and nationality. Every country has different ways of naming babies as does every religion. Some parents even look to their favorite pop culture star and see what they named their children, while others go the cultural or familial route. However you approach it, there are resources to help you choose.

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The Bump is one such resource. This site categorizes names into countries of origin. You simply click on the country and it organizes the names into boy, girl, and unisex names. This is an easy resource if you have a very strong connection to your roots or if you have a strong last name that needs a cultural connection. Already have a name in mind? Babble is another website that can give you the origin and meaning of the name. Or you can go the traditional route and grab a baby naming book. Amazon has tons of great options.

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Often family, especially grandparents, can have a great influence on naming your baby. If family is extremely important to you, the best resource is parents and grandparents. They can tell you about the names in their extended families and you may find something that you love and that carries a connection to your roots. Or, especially with firstborn children, it is custom to use the parents or grandparents names.

baby boy  baby girl - Teething jewelryReligion can also play a role in naming babies. Many Catholic Christians will name babies after their favorite saints, naming that saint as their child's 'patron'. Baptist Christians often turn to the bible for names and choose an influential biblical character that most impressed them. Jewish customs allow for parents to give their children two names, an English name and a Jewish name, usually similar in sound. These are just a few ways religion influences baby naming.

There is so much in a name and it can have a great impact on a persons life. Find something you love and that is special to you so the baby can have a connection to its name for life.
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