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finding your mom community

finding your mom community

Moving is a milestone in everyone's life, especially when you have a family or are just starting a family. When our family relocated from Brooklyn to Long Island, NY it was a bit of a culture shock. Brooklyn is very community driven. You couldn't walk 5 feet without bumping into a Mommy & Me yoga class! The suburbs were a little more challenging in terms of mom communities simply because it's more spread out and therefore a bit more isolated.

For mothers and little ones, it is important to find their social networks and settle in with a community after a move. There are great resources out there to find these "mom's groups" in your community.

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One such resource is your pediatrician. Many times the pediatrician's waiting room will have pamphlets from different play groups that will detail times, ages, and locations of moms groups in the area. Recently, through my OBGYN, I discovered Le Leche League has organized playgroups and moms groups for new moms and toddlers. They are great, judgement-free, playgroups for different ages, starting from newborn to 5-year-olds.

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Facebook is another great resource for networking within your community. Organized programs often post times and locations on Facebook for moms to share with other moms. One group is called Stroller Strides. This group meets at different locations in the town/city for a friendly walk or run.

Stroller Strides, fitness for mom and teething jewelry
Source: Stroller Strides
The Lyrical Children Music Together groups are worldwide music programs for moms and their kids so you're sure to find a group in your area. Asher and I have been going to Music Together classes in our neighborhood since he was 6 months old. They provide you with CD's and smartphone downloads so your child can learn each semesters music at home. Asher's eye always light up when they sing the songs in class that he loves from home!

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If you are expecting, many times moms will find life long friends through child birthing classes at the hospital.

Child birthing class teething jewelry

Another great resource is your local library. There are countless children's programs throughout the year at the library and they are often quite popular.

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Age groups and themes are often posted on their website or you can often find a calendar of events in the children's section when you go to sign up for their library cards.
Make the move easier on yourself and get out there and start meeting people. You will find having a community around you will make you and your kids feel at home in your new town.