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Back-to-School Clothing for Home or the Classroom

Back-to-School Clothing for Home or the Classroom

The ongoing COVID-19 situation has left a big question mark over back-to-school for families in this nation. Some schools have reopened, others are doing a hybrid-teaching model, and others still are offering 100% remote learning. Many are choosing to homeschool even if their school is opening! Regardless of what your child’s district has decided to offer, the pandemic has not stopped your child from growing, and therefore they probably need a new back-to-school wardrobe.

Below is a list of stylish yet comfortable clothes that are fantastic for both classroom and remote learning. Every item is available online, but if you do choose to head into a retail store please remember to wear a mask and maintain distance. 

Biker Joggers - Light gray - Kids | H&M US 1
These joggers offer all of the style of structured pants with none of the discomfort. Your kids will feel and look their best in these pants, and that confidence will show in a classroom and over a Zoom lesson. 

teething necklace for mom - Target shirt
Graphic tees can sometimes wind up looking like pajamas. This printed tee from Target looks a bit more intentional, without leaving your child fidgeting and uncomfortable all day.

Women of all ages tout the comfort of a good pair of leggings, and girls heading back to school are no exception. The texture in this pair of leggings offers a fantastic element of style.

Cotton Dress - Dusty rose/dotted - Kids | H&M US 1
Some little girls just want to wear a dress regardless of whether or not they will be leaving the house in it. This little dress will feel like a tshirt, but will still look great over a pair of leggings, or completely on its own.

teething necklace for mom - state bags
Every child, whether they are returning to the classroom or not should have a backpack to store their school supplies in. State Bags are a favorite of moms and children everywhere because they are stylish, yet sturdy. Purchase one this year and your kid can be wearing it for grades to come!