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5 Ways to Keep Your Family Entertained This Summer

5 Ways to Keep Your Family Entertained This Summer

The summer of 2020 is going to look a lot different than summers past. Even as lockdown orders loosen and we all start to venture into the world again, safety concerns and advice from world health officials means that most large gatherings are likely to be cancelled. Filling a whole summer with activities for the family may sound daunting to some, but this is a great time for families to turn inward and really enjoy one another’s company. 

Here are five ways to keep your family entertained this summer:

1. Start a family book club. You can all read the same book, or you can track how many books each child reads and offer prizes based on page count, books completed, or new genres explored. 

2. Build a backyard obstacle course. You don’t need a fancy swing set or a communal park to have fun outdoors! If equipment is limited, simply laying out some towels and telling your kids that the grass is lava is sure to keep them entertained. 

teething necklace for mom - backyard obstacle course for summer 2020

3. Try camping. If you aren’t ready for a family vacation in a hotel or air bnb, bring your lodgings with you and go camping! It’s a great way to explore nature, learn to rely on one another, and teach your kids some classic campfire songs. 

4. Go exploring in your car. If summer crowds have you worried about safety, then just climb into your vehicle instead. Get behind the wheel and follow every direction your child gives you. No pre-planning and no GPS...just see where you end up!

teething necklace for mom - in car with kids for summe 2020

5. Make a movie together. It doesn’t matter if you’re on Instagram, Tik Tok, or just in the camera app on your phone, asking your child to star in a video alongside you is a great way to boost their confidence and get them thinking creatively.

So stay safe and have fun this summer!