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Pajama Program

Every child has the right to a good night.

Yet, thousands of children across the United States will go to sleep tonight and their bedtime will be missing something. They may be feeling alone and afraid, in a bed that isn’t theirs, in a shelter that isn’t a home or with families who wish they could give them more.

By offering the magical gifts of pajamas and books, we bring a caring bedtime ritual into their lives.

I'll be collecting NEW pajama sets, NEW books and monetary donations.

Call, text or message me if you would like to schedule a drop-off or have me pick up items. 

Items for babies and young children are always appreciated but we are also in need of pjs and books for teenagers. 
Harry Potter, The Hate U Give, To All The Boys I've Loved Before..check Amazon for more ideas.
Drive ends Dec 14th.
*A portion of all anjie + ash purchases will go to the Pajama Program*
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Good Night Bill of Rights

1. Every child has the right to a sense of stability and security.

Nightly bedtime rituals like fresh pajamas and a storybook offer a consistent, reassuring “comfort zone” at the end of each day.

2. Every child has the right to feel loved and cared for at bedtime.

Unconditional gifts of fresh pajamas and a storybook are tangible proof that someone is thinking of them, creating a feeling of being loved and cared for.

3. Every child has the right to wear fresh, clean pajamas to bed and to enjoy a bedtime story that fires their imagination.

Changing out of the clothes of the day and into fresh pajamas starts the ritual of bedtime and helps children shed the day’s stresses, too — trading them for feelings of comfort and potential. As they leave the day behind, an enchanting story calms and inspires them, helping them transition further to a place of rest. By opening up their creativity, our stories inspire them to dream of places and possibilities beyond their usual experience. They enjoy a temporary escape from their daily lives — and, we hope, gain the ability to see a different life altogether. Learn more about how we hope to help children.

4. Every child has the right to feel valued and validated as a human being.

For children who have no personal belongings of their own, our unconditional gifts of new pajamas and storybooks give them something very special of their own.

5. Every child has the right to a good night and a good day.

We understand that for children to reach their dreams, they must have a loving bedtime and peaceful good night leading to a positive good day. Completing this 24-hour Good Day Loop is critical to their feeling empowered, resilient and optimistic. Learn more about Good Nights and Good Days.