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Teething necklace lotus
Teething necklaces and nursing necklaces inspired by mala beads that are used as a meditation tool while chanting, reciting or silently repeating a mantra. Our mala inspired silicone and beech wood Goddess teething necklaces are made with 54 beads and a hanging guru bead, providing calmness while repeating your mantra 108 times.
- goddess give me strength Out of stock

Teething Necklace for Mom, Give Me Strength

teething necklace for mom - harmony style

Teething Necklace for Mom, Harmony - Pre-Sale


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teething necklace for mom gotta have faith

Teething Necklace for Mom, Gotta Have Faith - Pre-Sale

teething necklace peace + calm Out of stock

Teething Necklace for Mom, Peace + Calm

mom and baby with inner balance teething necklace teething necklace for mom - silicone and wood inner balance

Teething Necklace for Mom, Inner Balance

spiritual awakening teething necklace teething necklace spiritual awakening

Teething Necklace for Mom, Spiritual Awakening

teething necklace clarity on mom

Teething Necklace for Mom, Clarity - Pre-Sale

teething necklace for mom in neutral tones teething necklace nurturing energy
2 left

Teething Necklace for Mom, Nurturing Energy

teething necklace love and light teething necklace love light
4 left

Teething Necklace for Mom, Love + Light

On sale $19.99
teething necklace antoinette black

Teething Set - Gotta Have Faith + Antoinette Necklace

$49.99 ( A $57.00 value )
teething necklace oh wise one teething necklace oh wise one2

Teething Necklace for Mom, Oh Wise One - Pre-Sale

teething necklace white gift set Out of stock

Teething Set - Inner Balance + Sandy Necklace

$49.99 ( A $54.99 value )
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