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how to: choosing wall decals
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how to: choosing wall decals

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If the nesting stage of your pregnancy has set in then the nursery is about to get a makeover. Whether you have found out about the gender of your baby or you are keeping it a surprise, there are eye-popping ideas for your nursery walls. Forget the wallpaper and have some creative fun with wall decals instead. Check out these cool and calming ideas from Pinterest.
A popular trend in nurseries right now is bringing nature inside without bringing in the mess. Pinterest shows gorgeous wall decals in play such as the winter branch with dangling stars, the butterfly dandelion, and the white birch trees. 
teething necklaces - wall decal
teething necklace - wall decal flowers
With a soft paint color behind these decals and the right baby furniture, these decals will transform your walls better than any store bought wallpaper.
Decal trees - teething necklace
Source: Pinterest
Would you like a friend to keep your little one company? Sweet-faced little creature decals are a perfect alternative to stashing a million stuffed animals in the nursery. The darling woodland creatures wall decal features a deer, a wise owl, a fox and the cutest hedgehog placed right at crib level for the cutest little animal pal. 
Woodland decals - teething necklace
The deer, fox, raccoon, and owl decal is displayed in soft colors to compliment any paint color.
teething necklace - woodland animals decal
And then there is the classy Winnie the Pooh and Piglet wall decal that is playful and fun for either a boy or a girl nursery. 
Pooh decal - teething necklace
If you are lookin for a more whimsical theme, there are decals for that too. There are plenty of polka-dot decals from the Perfectly Imperfect Dots to the soft Watercolor Polka Dots, that give your walls a little character without over-doing it. 
dot decals -teething necklace
pink dot decal - teething necklace
Pick an accent wall, perhaps the wall the crib will be placed against, and just do simple cloud decals on a dark gray paint.
cloud decal - teething necklace
Gold Star decals would also look great if placed on an accent wall with a pretty dark blue as a backdrop. These tasteful decals will give your nursery just the right amount of character for your new little one.
star decal - teething necklace
So go ahead and get nesting with these great ideas from Pinterest. Then put your feet up and admire the beautiful results until your little one arrives.