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"Another really cool feature is they have a magnetic clasp. When a child hangs onto a necklace they can hurt Mom, they can hurt themselves, so this is actually pretty genius."

"I love how the necklace appears stylish with any outfit and accentuates your wardrobe without feeling like you’re dressed as a total mama."

"The fashionista in Andrea became determined to create beautiful, non-toxic jewelry that she would be excited to wear with no cause for worry around her son. Now she’s thrilled to bring these designs to Mamas all over the world. Bonus: they are great for teething!"

" A luxurious lifesaver for both mom and baby, each piece features a unique, patent pending magnetic clasp that will release when tugs become robust."

“I realized quickly that I couldn’t wear regular jewelry because he would pull it off, tug on it, break it,” she said, “and I thought, ‘There has to be some other jewelry out there that’s safe enough for a baby to put in his mouth.’”