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What Makes Kate Hudson’s Family Unique
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What Makes Kate Hudson’s Family Unique

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Kate Hudson is far from the typical girl next door, even though she gives us those girl-next-door vibes! She is a beautiful and insanely famous celebrity, and her mother is Goldie Hawn! Somehow, she keeps it real and even runs a fantastic sibling podcast, Sibling Revelry, with her brother Oliver. But there is something else about Kate that makes her unique...the massive age gap between her children! Her oldest son, Ryder is 16. Her next child Bingham was born four years later, and her last child Rani is barely two. This spread means that here kids will pretty much never be in the same school at the same time, and that they will not be hitting developmental milestones together. It can be challenging to balance children that are so far apart developmentally, but there are some serious advantages to having large age gaps between your children…

Your older children basically get to enjoy an only-child childhood. When there is a large age gap between your oldest child and your second child, it means that your oldest child gets 100% of your attention during some formative years. When a baby brother or baby sister comes along, there is less competition and jealousy since the older child can feel secure in the attention they have received.

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Everyone has different needs. Kate Hudson may have three kids, but they are so far apart in age that she has never had to change two different diapers at the same time! By the time Rani came along, Ryder was old enough to sort himself and didn’t need so much attention. He also chips in and helps out with the younger kids - WIN! This lightens up the load on Kate.

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You have time to learn and adjust your parenting style. Every parent out there is just doing the best they can, but Kate has built in some time for herself to learn, grow, and adjust. Everyone benefits from thoughtful parenting, and Kate has the space for it. 

If you are planning on having more than one child, these are some of the benefits of spacing them out. The lifestyle might fit you better than having a few kids back to back.