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The 3 Best Products for Breastfeeding in Public

The 3 Best Products for Breastfeeding in Public

As all nursing moms know, when your child has to eat, they have to eat. They cannot always wait for you to find a private location or get back to your home in order to nurse. Fortunately, as a society we have begun to normalize public breastfeeding. Women are not harassed or shamed the way they have been previously. In fact, an entire sub-industry of public nursing products has developed, making it easier than ever for nursing moms to feed their children in public. 

Here are our three favorite products for breastfeeding in public:

nursing cover up
This genius bit of stretchy fabric can be used for so many things. It can cover a car seat, stroller, or mom and baby when it’s time to eat. This cover really provides full coverage, as opposed to a drape or shawl that runs the risk of slipping out of place while your baby is eating. This cover also comes in a variety of fun prints and patterns, so that you can draw attention to yourself in a good way while you nurse. 

nursing dress

This dress is essentially a wardrobe classic that can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. It also provides subtle access to your breasts so that you can feed your child without having to take your entire top off. Just life up the front-tier, which to the unsuspecting eye looks like a simple design element, part the fabric underneath and give your child access. The tier of the dress actually becomes a small nursing cover, so you can leave your Copper and Pearl cover at home for the day whenever you wear this!

hydrogel pads breastfeeding
If you suffer from sore nipples, nipple cream will be your best friend. Unfortunately, it is not always appropriate to apply nipple cream when you are out in public. For those situations, you can rely on these hydrogel pads. They fit right over your nipple and provide instant cooling relief. Just place them on and you are good to go. No need to adjust or reapply. They are a subtle way to keep yourself comfortable while you are on the go.
Don’t let the fact that you are nursing keep you from heading out into the world. With a few choice products, you can nurse your baby wherever you are without worry or care. So stock up on these products and enjoy exploring public spaces with your new baby.