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spotlight on mom: 5 questions - megan and her 3 kids

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This week we chatted with Megan, Co-Founder of the Local Moms Network

Age: 33

How many kids: 3 Boys

Their ages: 4, 2, 1

1) How has motherhood surprised you most?

The emotional ups and downs. I never ever understood how much love and emotion you can have for your little ones. I am constantly feeling conflicted - and constantly having mom guilt! I'm sure this never goes away either :-)

2) What is a typical day like?

Ahh! I don't think we have a typical day in the Sullivan household. With three kids 4 and under, every day is a crazy day. We try to stick to a routine for sanity but it does not always happen. When in doubt we have a dance party!

3) What is the biggest challenge?

Being a working mom (that predominantly works from home). I find it challenging to balance home time vs work time and being present with my kids when I am not working. Technology is truly a blessing and a curse when it comes to turning off at night! 

4) What is the biggest joy?

Watching my kids learn and grow. Seeing them accomplish new goals, milestones and the joy on their faces when they overcome an obstacle. 

5) What is the best piece of Mom advice you've been given or would give?  

Take everything in stride. You will have good days and bad days. But nothing is as special as being a mom and to your kids, you are the best mom they know!

Bonus question

What is your favorite alcoholic beverage?

Hands down - margarita!

The Local Moms Network is building a tribe of hard-working, entrepreneurial moms in top suburbs across the country who are excited to bring our hyper-local platform to their communities.  Our mission is to give moms the gift of time by sifting through all of the information that’s available and providing curated finds and resources, updated activities and events, local flavors, introductions to talented moms and most importantly, a connection to their communities.  We recently launched The Local Moms Network parent site to showcase all of our towns and have a hub for all of the great resources that we are discovering both at a local and national level. For a complete list of The Local Moms Network locations, visit