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teething necklace for mom, our favorite silicone products

our favorite silicone products

by Andrea Chinalai July 16, 2018

According to Forbes contributor, Kate Harrison, new research shows that not only plastic but now BPA-free products may be dangerous. Plastic can leache in extreme temperatures and the BPA alternatives could be worse.

What is a great alternative? Silicone!

Silicone is composed primarily of sand. When exposed to extreme temperatures (both hot and cold), it does not leak chemicals into our food or drink. A few other characteristics - it does not retain smells, doesn't stain, and is hypoallergenic. With all this in mind let's take a look at a few companies that have created safe kitchen products with this material.

Stasher is one such company. With every size and shaped bag you might need for your daily food storage needs, they have a silicone solution. From sandwich bags and gallon storage bags to bags that can go in the freezer and hot water, Stasher offers a way to live waste-free with silicone bags.

stasher silicone teething jewelry teething necklace
Another great company that is geared towards kids products is, Modern-Twist. They have an impressive product line that includes bowls, cups, bibs, and placemats to mention just a few. All their products are made with super easy-to-clean silicone that is safe for baby to eat off. 

Modern twist teething jewelry teething necklaces
 modern twist bib - teething jewelry teething necklace
The Original Squeez Company is one of the leaders in the 'safe pouch' idea for those parents concerned with the safety of the store bought pouches. They have created a silicone pouch for home use. That way you can make our own puree, know what is in it, and know the container is completely safe.
the sili company - teething jewelry teething necklaces
What woman doesn't love an interesting piece if jewelry? Necklaces and bracelets become something of a hazard when babies enter the picture. Luckily, anjie + ash creates beautiful and safe silicone jewelry that mom can wear around baby without cause for concern. The magnetic safety clasp ensures moms neck is protected against strong baby tugs and the non-toxic silicone beads are safe for baby to chew. Hurray!
Give some of these products a try and let us know what you think!

Andrea Chinalai
Andrea Chinalai


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