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Baby Yoda - A Meme For the Whole Family

Baby Yoda - A Meme For the Whole Family

Even if you haven’t seen Disney+’s new Star Wars series, the Mandalorian, you are probably tacitly aware of Baby Yoda. This little cutie is a young and adorable version of the wise old gremlin we all grew up with, but instead of offering sage yet grammatically incorrect advice, this tiny creature simply exists to steal hearts. The adorableness of the animatronic puppet was simply too much for Internet culture to handle, and pretty soon a meme was born. 
The Baby Yoda meme presents a rare opportunity for young families - an opportunity to enjoy a pop culture moment together. Your children can ooh and ahh over Baby Yoda’s large eyes and miniscule frame, and you and your partner can giggle over the relatable and sometimes absurd memes that have arisen. In that way, a baby yoda plushie is really a gift for the entire family.
Here are our five favorite Baby Yoda memes: 
The Baby Yoda who can relate to everyone’s 2020 struggles. Seriously, this year has gone on for about a decade at this point.
baby yoda meme
The Baby Yoda who understands how social media really works. We all know about angles and filters at this point, but does that stop us? Absolutely not.
 baby yoda meme 2
The Baby Yoda that contains all of the chaotic energy we sometimes aspire to. Killing a your husband is wrong of course, but is it wrong to fantasize about it while sipping a latte?
 baby yoda 3
The Baby Yoda who understands that the only way to make it through this pandemic is with pasta and cheese.
baby yoda meme4
The Baby Yoda who is 100% done with boomer bullshit.
baby yoda meme5
Now it’s time to go and find the Baby Yoda that speaks to you. Force be with you, it may.