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3 Incredible Breast Pumps for Moms-on-the-Go

3 Incredible Breast Pumps for Moms-on-the-Go

Today’s mom is a busy mom. Whether you are working full time, part time, or managing a busy household, most new mothers would describe themselves as “moms on the go”. As such, it is not uncommon for a mother to be away from her baby sometimes. Breast pumps are the best way for lactating mothers to extract and save their breast milk for later feedings, and just like breasts, they come in all shapes and sizes. 
In order for a breast pump to qualify for a good “on the go” breast pump, it must be small, lightweight, and easily portable. If you need a breast pump that fits those three criteria, then look no further than the three breast pumps on our list:

medela breast pump
This breast pump is small and easy to use outside of the house. The PersonalFit Flex Breast Shields adhere to your breast shape and promote milk flow that is 11.8% faster than traditional breast shields. The battery pack that powers the breast pump has a two hour battery life between charges, and it comes with a wrist strap so that you can pick it up and move around easily while pumping. This is an ideal solution for anyone who has to multitask while pumping, or for anyone who has to fit their breast pump inside of a tote bag or briefcase. 

breast pump
If “lightweight” is the most important feature to you, then you cannot go wrong with this incredible rechargeable pump which weighs only a half a pound. This is another small and discrete electric pump. It offers single or double pump capacity, and has sophisticated built-in backflow protectors. This is a great option for mothers who have to carry their breast pump around in a backpack or shoulder bag, since it is so lightweight.

breast pump
This breast pump is unlike anything you have seen before. It is completely wearable, which means that it is designed to look like a half a cup that covers your entire breast rather than the breast pumps you are used to that look like bottles affixed to suction cups. It is designed to fit in your bra and is completely leak free, which means you can be out and about living your life while pumping, and you are the only one who has to know. There are no tubes, cords, or exterior collecting vessels. It all happens within the pump. If you can’t reliably set aside time to pump outside of the public eye, then this is the pump for you. 
Breast milk is incredibly important to a child’s development, so do not let the liquid gold you are producing go to waste. An investment in one of these incredibly reliable portable breast pumps is not something you will soon regret. So stay busy, keep pumping, and welcome to life as a mother!