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3 clothing staples you need this spring
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3 clothing staples you need this spring

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It may not feel like it, but Spring is right around the corner. The days have started to get longer and the promise of playing outside without a snowsuit on beckons once again. In order to make your transition from winter to spring as chic as you are, you have got to stock your closet with a few staple items that will still look great even after getting stuck in an April shower. 
When spring rolls around, melting snow and unexpected rain make for wet sidewalks. Save yourself from the agony of wet socks by donning these cute little booties that look more like a fashion choice than protective footwear. They come in a classic black and in two fun animal prints if you would rather express your wild side. 

Anjie + Ash Pairing Suggestion: Prince Street Stainless Steel Teething Necklace. The sleek lines of the Chelsea boots will look great next to this minimalist necklace. 
Spring weather can still have some nip to it, so sweaters are still crucial. This mock turtleneck sweater from Antrhopologie is relaxed and casual, and is likely to keep you warm enough to skip your jacket. It comes in black and grey.

Anjie + Ash Pairing Suggestion: Antoinette Silicone Teething Necklace. This necklace will stand out against the neck of the Anthro sweater, making a trendy fashion statement. 
This jacket is perfect for spring. It is water resistant, hooded, and comes equipped with lots of pockets. It is available in nine different colors, and the relaxed fit looks great on every body type. 

Anjie + Ash Pairing Suggestions: Capri Silicone Cuff Teething Bracelet. Your little one probably won’t be able to reach your necklace under this jacket, but the smooth lines of this bracelet can peak out of your cuffs in a way that makes it easy for your baby to naw on. 

Don’t get stuck in a fashion rut this spring. Bloom right along with those flowers and give your wardrobe an update!